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Call the parish office for marriage preparation at least six months prior to intended wedding date.


Call the parish office to arrange for baptism of an infant at least two weeks in advance of the desired date.

Anointing Of The Sick

Please call the parish office if someone is housebound, hospitalized, or in need of a pastoral visit.




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7:30-8:15am Sundays at St. Thomas, Stockton


Sacred Heart Mass Schedule

Saturday: 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:30 a.m.
(Also: Sunday at 8:30 at St. Thomas, Stockton)

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A Guide to Booking Your Church Wedding Ceremony

In case, if you are looking forward to getting married in a church but unaware of the procedures that are to be followed, we are listing the things that you have to know. We hope this article will answer the major part of your queries.

Church Wedding Ceremony

Being a part of that parish:

In case if you wish to book a particular church for your wedding, you are free to book it even if you do not belong to that church. As long as you belong to this faith you need not be a part of that parish to get married there. You have to give details about your parish, your whereabouts and a letter from your parish priest. That is all you want.

Your faith and church wedding:

Being religious is good. However, as far as marriage is concerned, the church doesn’t want to measure your faith. They only want you to follow and respect the faith. That is why churches recommend for a Catechism class that prepares you for your marital life with the virtues that are based on the Catholic faith. Both the bride and the groom are expected to have completed it before the wedding. They can do it together or individually.

Time to book:

You have to give the church at least a couple of months time to prepare for the wedding. The church needs three mandatory weeks, and at the end of the week. They read the banns of the wedding, just to make sure that the parishioners of the church aren’t objecting the wedding. Apart from that that there are other procedures that ought to be completed on both sides and there mustn’t be any other wedding taking place at that time. So book a wedding well in advance.

Wedding differ depending on the church:

The wedding procedure and the process can vary a bit depending on the type of church that you choose. If it is a Catholic church, the regulations are a bit straight and stringent. They cannot be bent or broken. But in case if it is a church that belongs to a different Christian Brotherhood, but they are a bit easy on you.

Regarding your reception plans:

In case if you are planning a reception, which you will for sure, you cannot do it as a part of the wedding ceremony. You are supposed to do it elsewhere. However if the church has a hall and their rules let you use it for the purpose of your wedding reception, then you can very well use it.

Legal requirement:

Last but not the least, certain legal requirements have to be fulfilled in order to make yourself eligible for a church wedding. They are simple but not optional. Your age and the uninfluenced consent of the bride and the groom are mandatory. Though it a church wedding, apart from the church regulations, you are expected to follow the law of the land as far as marriage is concerned. Laws differ, but almost all the nations around the world require registration of your marriage to make it a legally valid one.


Is every Catholic Church a Parish?

Not all churches are called a parish. As far as the church hierarchy is concerned, the least ones are known as the sub-parish, and one parish heads a couple of sub-parishes. Every city of a particular state has a diocese, and parishes and the sub-parishes governed by them are all a part of that diocese. That quite answers your question.  So all we now have to know is the difference that the churches have between them.

Is every Catholic Church a Parish?

Sunday mass celebration:

The first preference for a Sunday mass is always given to the parish. If the parish priest can allocate time to celebrate mass in the sub-parish as well, then the sub-parish will have the celebration as well. If not, there are two options. The parishioners can either visit the parish for mass or can celebrate mass the previous evening. An evening mass on Saturday is considered equivalent to that of a Sunday mass. Most sub-parishes will have the mass celebration almost all Saturdays.

Holy Eucharistic Adoration:

The presence of the Holy Eucharist and the display of the tabernacle are usually found in the main parish. However, a tabernacle is present in every church except for if it is a small chapel or if the sub-parish is too small. Chapels are small places of adoration. Since the Holy Mass is not celebrated on a regular basis is places, as this the tabernacle is not found here.

Duties of the parish priest:

The priest of the parish can see no difference between a parish and a sub-parish. Sun-parishes came only to help people visit the church on a regular basis, and a parish was governing two or three small church so that too much of decentralised authority doesn’t exist. So a priest cannot show differences or treat his parishioners differently. But as far as his responsibilities are concerned a parish priest will have more task to accomplish in his parish, and he resides in a bungalow that is close to or inside the parish compound.

Special Events:

During big celebrations in the church, parishioners are required to collect themselves and come to the parish to take part in the celebration. On special occasions like Christmas, Easter and other celebrations it might not be possible for the priest to have multiple celebrations. So if the churches are located close by, which in most cases they are, can come together to host the event.

Cathedral – The Diocesan Church:

All these churches that are a part of the city come under the governance of one church which is called the cathedral. The bishop is the head of the district council of churches and is the head priest of the diocesan church.



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